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Scientific and Academic Activities   


Prof. Steven Paul Nisticò, MD, is based in Rome where he teaches “Dermopharmacology and Cosmetology" at the School of Pharmacy, of the University Of Rome "Tor Vergata" where  he is also Teaching Coordinator of the Master Degree "Laser therapy in Dermatology".

He is also Associate Professor of Dermatology and Professor at the School of Medicine of the "Magna Graecia"  University in Catanzaro (Calabria).

His career is full of many national and interational successes: patents, specialized books and publications of articles in journals with high impact factor. Partner and board member of several national and international Scientific Societies.

Research Fellow at University College London from 2007.

In 2014, he qualified as Full Professor in Applied Medical Technologies (Italian National Scientific Qualification Commitee).

In 2015 he is nominated expert for the European Medicine Agency, London: www.ema.europa.eu.

In 2017 he qualified as Full Professor in Dermatology (Italian National Scientific Qualification Commitee)